Members receive 10 free air fills each year. There is also a 10% discount to club members on non-sale dive gear, rental gear, repair (parts & labor), air fill cards, classes (except basic OW, Divemaster, A.I. and Instructor) and 10% off most charter boats. All this plus guest speakers, club dive events and a monthly newsletter all for just $25.00 for the year, plus $10.00 one time application fee. The Family rate is $50.00/couple, plus $10.00 one time application fee, and additional family members 18 years and older are $25.00/additional family member and those under the age of 18 are $10.00/child (Associate Member).

If you want to renew your membership or join the club by mail, because your unable to attend a club meeting or event, please download and print the SCDCIE Membership Application Packet below. Please fill them out (per the instructions), send the forms with a check or money order (no cash please) to the mailing address on the Membership Application Form.

Individual Membership in the SCDCIE:
You must complete a SCDCIE Membership Application Packet.

Family Membership in the SCDCIE:
Only one (1) Membership Application is needed per family. There are spaces provided at the bottom of the application for additional family members. EACH FAMILY MEMBER MUST FILL OUT THEIR OWN Statement of Risk and Release of Liability (included in the membership packet) Form and include it with the Family Membership Application. Family Members under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian sign the bottom of the Statement of Risk and Release of Liability Forms. Each Family Member will receive their own SCDCIE Membership/Air fill Card.

SCDCIE Membership Application:

SCDCIE Membership Packet

Pay your dues with

Select as the Payee for Chase


Master Card/Visa or Paypal (


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