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Southern California Dive Club of the Inland Empire (SCDCIE) is one of oldest continuously active dive club in the Inland Empire since it’s founding in 1996.  We are a non-profit organization set up solely for the benefit of our members.
Our mission is to promote and enhance the sport of recreational SCUBA diving by providing a place for like-minded individuals to participate in meetings, …dives, trips, special events and to support scientific, ecologic and charitable organizations and just have a great time in general.

To list a few of our activities, we do a yearly Scuba Santa and Toys for Tots program, participate in the Catalina harbor clean-up, we set up special charter trips all along the California coast and even participate in the Catalina hyperbaric chamber day and evening.  We always have fun things going on!  Whether your interests are underwater photography, tech diving, wreck diving, boat trips, dive travel, or anything else, you’ll find other people with similar interests within our club.
The Southern California Dive club of the Inland Empire (SCDCIE) has all levels of scuba divers from OW divers to Course Directors.

You are encouraged to contact us on our Facebook page.

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